The Green Fields

Beauty Of Nature

The green fields flank the freeway as you travel from Delhi to Dehradun. I love the sight of crops dotted by trees. It appears so beautiful as you move ahead with greenery all around. The faraway trees seem to move towards the rear at varying speeds, depending upon their distance. As we stop occasionally on a wayside tea stall, I am able to have a closer look and feel closer to Mother Nature.
During my childhood these fields were plenty in the neighborhood and were the perfect playing spots for hide and seek and the improvised robber-cop games. The sight of the fields meeting the sky at the horizon was mesmerizing. I do miss them around me. Alas, only a few fields remain now and the crops have been taken over by concrete.
I liked the way they used to till these farmlands. I had been there as a young kid when they used to plough the land with bullocks and I enjoyed the side seat riding on the planer plank with the man in charge. It used to be great fun. It was kind of bumpy ride over the lumps of mud which we were attempting to make even.
The farmers who toil hard had been hit hard by industrialization and as a result mostly those who were well off and had the resources have been able to survive. The result, less of food and more of industrialized stuff. A rise in food prices and not enough food. Could we have been so short sighted in our race for economic growth? None of us could foresee what was to come. We were so fascinated with fast cars and fast food that we didn’t want to look at the future.
These fields ooze freshness. The crops give out their characteristic aroma when they approach near harvesting stage indicating a time for a change. A scarecrow here and a scarecrow there is a work of art by the farming family. The maze of mini canals bring water to the crops and add beauty to the sight. The mustard fields with the bright yellow flowers are divine to watch and a gentle breeze adding a sway to the scene can enhance the whole experience.
Those days with the green fields all around will always remain a part of my favorite memories and I would love to be around them whenever possible.

Humor 360
A doctor was examining a patient, his nurse bursts in and says, “Excuse me Doc, the man you just treated walked out of the door and collapsed on the front step. What should I do?”
“Turn him around” the doctor answered, “so it looks like he was walking in”

A man comes to an optician's clinic for a sight test accompanied by his wife. When asked if she too had come to be tested, he replied, “No, I’m illiterate so she has come to read the chart for me.”

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Today’s picture is of a paddy field in our valley.

Picture by First Life 360 - A blog of humor, nature and spirituality

The Paddy Field

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John Turner said...

You have a wonderful blog. I couldn't stop reading. I am a follower.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What a beautiful post full of great imagery!!! I spent time in the woods behind my house as a child. A creek meandered through it and I couldn't WAIT to visit it each day.

What a vibrant and beautiful photo you posted and also a perfect title

Hugs, JJ

baili said...

well come back wonderful post and pic take care

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nice contcent and photos :)

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Like the humor part, funny indeed. Have a nice day

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