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Yeah, I need to heal. Heal from an ailment called desire. Once I start healing and continue what I have been doing all along, the whole process is going to be such a joy. I am beginning to get a sneak preview. I am sure with perseverance and time I would be able to get almost there if not really there.
The need to stop the flow of desires arises so as to see the purpose of life clearly. Is it to “enjoy” life by trying to get the best of everything? I thought so, not long ago and how wrong I had been all my life, I realize now. By trying to be desire free one is able to get the glimpse of what is the real goal. Am I on the right highway or is it going to lead to a dead end. By the time I realize the truth, it would be just about time to depart.
The cravings for good things in life are more like an addiction and we are hesitant to call them that. Once one gets or achieves the thing he or she desires, be it a new pair of shoes or setting up another multimillion dollar project, the novelty wears down. It is no longer desirable. Was the desire worth so much of our precious time and energy? The worst part is the moment one desire is fulfilled the next one starts to sprout. One is caught in this vicious circle of trying to fulfill these cravings. Some are met with success and some are not and in such cases the disappointment follows. The desire of having good life with good food, good liquor and other carnal pleasures is recurring. The moment the feeling of so called satisfaction starts to wane, the same desire is back, demanding attention once again. We have experienced it over and over again especially those of us who have been through life for some time now.
So is the purpose of life is to be the slave to these cravings lifelong and profess to be great leaders, intellectuals, socialites or an average bread earner for the family. I guess not, for we have taken birth in the human form, the top spot one can achieve among all things living. Join the Total Surrender club and get rid of desires which lead to all miseries in life. It would require continuous practice and complete surrender. The results of such practice when start manifesting are something that none of the good food, good liquor and other carnal pleasures ever be able to compete with. The pleasures of breaking free from desires are eternal and which bring us closer to the real reason of existence.

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A news story: A 23 old robber lost his wallet in the scuffle with the “victim”. He calls the “victim” to return his wallet and gets caught by the police.

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