Yog, The Essence of Life

Yog (mistakenly spelled Yoga) is the art or call it science of linking oneself to Him. It literally means union. Union with what? Union with your creator. It was practiced by the ancient Rishis and Munnis of India during their search for Him. It ain’t just the physical movements, it is made out to be, especially in its exported versions. Some guys have gone as far as even patenting the style. And it ain’t certainly for increasing your sex drive as some others have claimed. On the contrary it is to take you away from these sensual adventures to the realms of God. It is well known and was well experienced by those great souls that sensual pleasures are a huge hindrance towards achieving the goal of life, which is to be able to come under His protective umbrella or to put it simply to experience happiness.
In today’s world where materialism rules, the Yog comes to the help in the form of being able to provide an alternative to all conventional and alternative forms of treatments and fills you with energy you have never known before. Yog essentially comprises of ‘Asans’ and ‘Prayanam’ and it the latter which has been found to cure and prevent many a so called incurable diseases. Prayanam is basically breathing taken seriously.
I for one have benefited from Prayanam immensely, both physically and spiritually.
It helps you to make your day brighter and the balance of life which most of us crave for is easily achieved.
I would suggest going to site http://www.divyayoga.com/ . The person behind this yog movement in India has great credentials and he has changed the lives of many. You need to watch his open air yog classes to believe. The name is Baba Ram Dev.
Here in Doon, it’s the beginning of summer. The mango and litchi trees are flowering. The air is rich with their fragrance. One of these days I’ll post some pictures.