The Highlands And The Treetops

Nature Poetry

As I pause putting curing water on our new home rooftop,
I see the distant highlands and the neighboring treetops.
The highlands below the cumulus cover,
Are showing the greens and the various colors.
Ah, I say to myself, as I resume putting water,
He the creator, of such fab creations,
Make us the little builders of our homes look in fascination.
He has created the home for us all,
To live and let live till we finally get a call.

The treetops have homes of the flying species,
Though not in my sight but surely behind the leaves.
I wonder what they are thinking about our abode,
Where we live and claim the right to hold.
They must me laughing at our short sighted view,
For they know how temporary is all and we never knew.

This pause makes me name our home,
The Highlands View.
With a post script,
Treetops Too.
The Highlands View,
PS Treetops Too.
Is where I am going to live with a few.
A few people, a few years.
Then return to my real home,
And meet my maker, the builder of the real home.

First Life 360 - A blog of humor, nature and spirituality


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Today’s picture is from the Land of the Rising Sun. The picture was forwarded by a friend at Yahoo Group

Picture by First Life 360 - A blog of humor, nature and spirituality

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