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The ego is born as soon as the child comes out of the mother’s womb. Though it starts manifesting itself only when one is in early teens and this limit must be heading southwards, I guess, like everything else in these times. The sad part is it doesn’t leave you even during your last days with Mother Earth. An old, fragile person though hardly able to carry out anything physical may be full of ego that may make a youth uncomfortable.
The ego is the cause of many an unhappiness in a person’s life. It is the ego which bars you from doing acts of kindness to fellow humans, or accept the fact that you had been wrong in whatever you were asking others to follow or to simply do things which are supposedly not suited for your stature or the position you hold, like cleaning the floor or doing the dishes and many other similar jobs, jobs not chores. It comes in the way of relationships.
The ego makes one live under a constant fear of being hurt, hurt which any one from a child to someone from the so called lower stratum of society can deliver. It is like living in an emotionally stooped manner under an invisible weight, lifelong. No one is seen to consciously make an effort to get rid of it, on the contrary it is encouraged in some personality development circles who argue that ego in healthy dose is good to achieve your ambition. I would like to differ. It is such a shortsighted view of things.
The egoist is shunned by all, though many may practice the art of sycophancy when dealing with him to achieve their ends, whatever those may be. An egoist never gets the true picture of how things are. He gets the distorted reports manipulated by sycophants. The result, the decisions are biased. The wealth and the associated stature fan the fire of egoism. So does the high position one may have in publiclife. However humble we may project ourselves to be in public but ego is the main reason of family businesses splitting. The ego in us make us take things for granted like how should we be treated by others, and when such treatment is not met, ego is easily hurt and leads to disappointment.
Yes, the ego free life would be an ideal life but can one achieve it by sheer perseverance, once one is convinced of merits of such a life. I would say no. It would not be possible by our efforts alone and we’ll get back to my Total Surrender post for some reference. We do need His help. Without his helping hand, it is impossible. Once the Ego starts leaving, you start feeling the pleasures of the weight being withdrawn, the weight that you had been carrying since way back when. Forget the way world wants to see you. Let the world see the way you want do things without a trace of ego, carrying out things much more productively and getting results which none of the Management Gurus ever dreamt of.
I personally experience it during my management at workplace and in life in general. I wouldn’t opt for any other way. It is such a nice and fulfilling feeling. The works which you have to struggle getting done with your share of ego can be done in relative ease, almost effortlessly and with a little more effort put in by the staff.
Taking the ego purging to the next level can mean not to hint it even in the body language. A person in authority tends to have his arms akimbo when getting things done. The same act of getting things done can be done without the hands on the hips and elbows jutting out and with a higher level of acceptability among the subordinates.
These thoughts may seem trivial but I have found them of immense importance and I am having a great new experience in this purging of the ego.

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Today I bring you a picture from the Ocean.

First Life 360 - A blog of humor, nature and spirituality
The Turbulent Sea

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Charlene said...

Beautiful header! You should check out Eckhardt Tolle.

noni said...

beautiful header...treasure of earth

Farila said...

I have been through some of your blogs and I like the humor in them..
Check out my blog sometime

Kimberly said...

I like your blog...love your thoughts.

I will suggest that perhaps you put more space between paragraphs, though. To some people, it may look kind of daunting to see a huge chunk of words, and they might not read it. (I did, though!) :)


aynzan said...

This made interesting reading .! by the way a breathtaking header!


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

A great and wonderful post!!! You have given me much food for thought. I also am on a spiritual journey and have had amazing insights in the last year. Doesn't it feel great to know we are growing in wisdom!

I must visit more often. :D

Hugs, JJ

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Love the photo too. I am a water person. Could spend all day on the Great Lakes.

Hugs, JJ

Greenlava said...

Interesting read

Written said...

Ego purging is something that I am struggling to do, and sometimes it is something that I just fail to do. I protect myself you see, from all the potential hurt that I can dream off that I get stuck with an ego as big as Mother Earth!

I enjoyed reading your thoughts, so please do keep writing :)

karolkarol said...

I like your posts, they are amazing and are closely related to what I am studying on. I shared your posts in my blog. My blog is