Memories from Childhood


The memories of childhood linger on with us however far we have traveled on the path of life. It appears as if everything happened just yesterday.
As a young kid I used to love the rainy season, which we call ‘The Monsoons”. I still love the rains. It is the time when the frogs from the neighborhood pond, used to have a field day. I used to love the croaking sound, in the dark nights while slowly sliding into the realms of sleep. It used to be a kind of lullaby, I loved. The ponds have eversince disappeared and it is only occasionally that one hears the croaking.
Another thing about the monsoons was the paper boats. I was fascinated by the way it traveled on the stream of water flowing after a heavy shower. The view was almost like real, only downscaled.
A glimpse of responsibility at age, ummm 10, I think. On a day when we were let off from school way too early from the regular timing, I , my younger brother and the still younger sister who usually were picked up, didn’t know what to do. It was when the school had almost a deserted look that I decided that we could walk our way home, though I had never done it before. I clearly remember, having our sister in between, holding hands, the three of us making headway in the adult world. Though we got picked up midway, I am still proud to have a go, my first, I guess, as the big brother then.
The weekly watering of our garden and vegetable patch by canal water in our childhood home was something I used to look forward to. It used to be so much fun directing the water from one place in the compound to the other. The sight of the water running over parched land and quenching the thirst of mother earth was just awesome. I used to be fascinated with all the twigs and assorted flotsam being carried with the stream and often wondered from where it must have traveled to our land. Walking over the morning dew in our large front lawn was another of my favorites, leaving the marks of my footsteps which would soon disappear as the dew would turn into vapor as the sun would progress on its daily path.
Cycling to and from school, too is a part of my fond memories. It used to take us about twenty minutes from home. The path was along a canal and through the compound of, one of its kind, Forest Research Institute. The winters used to be very chilly. The road to school was full of slopes in stretches, generally favoring us while on our way to school and against us when coming back. We used to ride our bicycles till we were in the final year. While going to school, it used to be mostly solitary and introspective, with meeting friends on the way, coming back was a whole lot of fun with everyone together and in an animated mood.
Life goes on, memories keep following.

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The spectacular FRI at Dehradun.

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lareine said...

i don't like rainy season that much... unless classes are canceled (which i used to hope for when i was a kid)... but i do like to here the pitter-patter of the rain at night... it's like a lullaby:)...

by the way, i've linked your blog to my site... it's under the name "girish's first life 360" :)

TheLonelyArtistClub said...

Rain is amazing. I spent some time in Ireland when in college and one of my favorite aspects was the gray sky coming out of no where and then the rain coming down.

I like the writing. It's amazing what powers memories have over us.

lareine said...

hi there!...i like your new layout... i hope you're doing great!

JeaneBee said...

I enjoy reading about memories...I have many. A dark rainy day reminds me of the tornado that just missed our home in June 2008.

Music will bring back will remind me of my love for a high school boy (who I married and still love), one reminds me of swimming at a riverside beach in Nebraska, another can take me back to a fishing resort in Minnesota and of course, Puff the Magic Dragon...I used to sing that to my children before bedtime.

Come and see me....I will link to your site.

The Reluctant Dreamer said...

Beautiful blog...beautiful memories

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What a beautiful memory. Thanks for sharing. :D I loved the imagery.