My First Ever Blog Post

!! ॐ पर्मतामने नमः !!

This is going to be a weblog where I would post my thoughts on days, I must. It would be, as the title indicates, about life and would cover an all-round 360 degree view. It would be at times serious while not so at others. Oftentimes humorous and sometimes on a plane higher than we are usually accustomed to. As I work aboard Merchant Vessels, I would be able to write only on vacations. I'll see ya soon, guys.

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cbep4fr said...

I think you sight is beautifulll! It take's a lot of work...but I am sure you can do it. Any thing about god is allways beautifull, but I am sure you know this. Don't let any one leave anything nasty though...your on open internet though...Be carefull. Let me know what ends up happening.