The Highlands And The Treetops

Nature Poetry

As I pause putting curing water on our new home rooftop,
I see the distant highlands and the neighboring treetops.
The highlands below the cumulus cover,
Are showing the greens and the various colors.
Ah, I say to myself, as I resume putting water,
He the creator, of such fab creations,
Make us the little builders of our homes look in fascination.
He has created the home for us all,
To live and let live till we finally get a call.

The treetops have homes of the flying species,
Though not in my sight but surely behind the leaves.
I wonder what they are thinking about our abode,
Where we live and claim the right to hold.
They must me laughing at our short sighted view,
For they know how temporary is all and we never knew.

This pause makes me name our home,
The Highlands View.
With a post script,
Treetops Too.
The Highlands View,
PS Treetops Too.
Is where I am going to live with a few.
A few people, a few years.
Then return to my real home,
And meet my maker, the builder of the real home.

First Life 360 - A blog of humor, nature and spirituality


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Today’s picture is from the Land of the Rising Sun. The picture was forwarded by a friend at Yahoo Group

Picture by First Life 360 - A blog of humor, nature and spirituality

The Cherry Blossoms

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javangelo said...

This is a real touchy and brings you close to environment. You are real lucky to get so close enough to bring out the poem from your inner self.

Great Poem !!



Jav - Technimi (Technical Networking)

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Fantastic poem and forwarded photo, Govind. How beautiful to see your house has taken form and now is part of the creation on this earth. :D

Cheers, JJ

Toyin O. said...

Poignant poem. Great post.

JT said...

Great Post. I really enjoy your blog.

Jitendra Bapna said...

very good...
felt like i am in middle to feel it..

Arioman Madin said...

nice poem.... i see you are nice person..

visit this too...

use google translate if you don't understand.. thanks...

Anonymous said...

How I wish I could also write a peom like you!
I enjoy seeing the beauty of nature in your site. It really does work a miracle in any person who sees nature!

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Beautiful prose, Govind. You are such a talented writer.

We are in a blizzard! WOOHOO!!!

Cheers, JJ

Govind said...

Thanks, Nancy. Be safe. Here the weather is beginning to turn extremely cold .... Haven't *seen* you lately. I presume you are out of Facebook .... I do keep visiting your Nature Blog, albeit stealthily .... LOL.

aesoplado said...

Nice blog you have here! I like the theme and presentation. Keep it up and goodluck!

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alejandro guzman said...

I like it as not so much where my home is as who lives with me, is my home.. And it sounds gorgeous where you are so thank you for the post.

I said Thank you! Thank you again! Thanks!

Hehe I know you'll get it, ooh I hope thanks!

Govind said...

I got it Alejandro .... :)
I know you love your daughter more than words can say .... I'll catch up with you at "My Blogworld" .... :)

Pandora Poikilos said...

Hi! Your blog was recently tagged as Blog-A-Licious! Do keep your great posts coming!
Cheers - Dora

Govind said...

Many thanks, Dora. Appreciate the tag. I look forward to your shares at "My Blogworld" .... :) said...

What can I say - I love your blog. I loved the poetry, the jokes below, the pictures in your sidebar and the little ship that moves - it's fab! I'm now your newest enthusiatic follower. Please do drop by and maybe follow me if you fancy a laugh. I'd be delighted to welcome you.
Warm wishes
Carol from - the blog that gives you laughter lines!

camellia said...

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Kristy said...

Oh, I love Cherry Blossoms!

Dawn said...

Wow, what a beautiful picture of the delicate cherry blossoms.

Your poem is really a nice painting of thoughts as well. Really enjoyed.

mariamama said...

really like your blog